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The Outsource IT BBA is an affordable onsite and offsite data backup service, providing a great solution for both backup and disaster recovery. It combines an onsite backup appliance, Canadian cloud backup storage, unlimited Canadian cloud archiving, and instant replacement warranty, with a simple monthly subscription. Combining local and offsite storage provides the best of both worlds – onsite backups for the fastest restore times and data security, as well as offsite backups for disaster recovery.

Complete Solution

Local image and file backup for quick restores, offsite backup for disaster scenarios, archiving for long term compliance, encryption for security, LiveBoot for temporary access neeeds.

Unlimited Canadian Cloud Storage

Unlimited backup storage space in the Canadian cloud, up to the size of the device.

Fixed Monthly Fee

Affordable, predictable, monthly fee covering everything, including device warranty and instant replacement.

Unlimited Archiving Storage

Archive up to 12 monthly and 7 yearly backups to the Cloud Archive regardless of size (does not count toward your storage needs).

Onsite and Offsite Protection

Onsite full image and file backups for faster recovery, in addition to offsite longer term backups for disaster recovery scenarios.

Centralized Management

A simple online portal allows clients to see all devices across all locations and monitor device and backup health.


Reliable Backup and Recovery Starting at $215/Month

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Business Data Backup FAQ

Have questions about the Outsource IT BBA data backup service? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why should I use a dedicated appliance for my backups?

There are several advantages to using an appliance to conduct automated data backups and offsite replication. An appliance created for backup, like the Outsource IT BBA, is a purpose-built appliance that enables centralized management of backup connections to multiple devices, and provides the local storage necessary to keep a primary backup copy onsite for fast recovery in the majority of data loss scenarios.

Software backup solutions need installation and management on every server they protect. They also require the administration and support of additional hardware to provide recommended local storage of the backup data. Unlike many software solutions, the BBA protects data using standard networking protocols from computers running a wide range of operating systems. Other benefits of using the appliance for backups include dedicated processing power for deduplication, compression to increase efficiency in storage and transmission, reduction of load on production servers by not having to run backup software, and the creation of a dedicated restore device on your local network.

How do I select the right BBA Appliance?

The main factor in selecting the correct unit is the total amount of actual in use data to be backed up across all systems. Units are sized at a 2:1 ratio, meaning if you have 1 TB of total data to backup, you should be planning for the 2 TB unit. This is to account for multiple restore points on the device, growth, and data processing space needs. The devices use local deduplication to lower required local storage as well as global deduplication to lower cloud storage and Internet bandwidth use.

If the unit is being used in a scenario where it could be required for very high speed recovery, or to be used as temporary storage to launch VMware virtual machines in case of a disaster, then performance will also determine the unit required. Larger units have RAID, or faster RAID, 10 Gbit, Fibre networking, etc. These needs would require a more detailed discussion to select the proper unit to meet expectations.

Is there commitment term?

Each unit carries it’s own 12 month commitment, this commitment renews annually.

Is there a way to demo or trial the service and device?

Online demonstrations can be arranged. If required clients can also trial units, although shipping and any setup costs cannot be recovered. There is an initial 30 day trial period in which time the client may choose to notify us, ship the unit back, and not continue the monthly service.

Does the client own the device?

The device, service, and software (together a subscription) are not property of the client, as everything is being provided at a low monthly recurring fee. The client is responsible for any and all damaged caused to the unit itself (outside of warranty), and is advised to ensure they have a safe operating environment for the unit as well as adequate insurances in place to cover the hardware.

Does Outsource IT manage the backup device?

No. We only manage backup devices for our MSP clients who have Server coverage. The client is fully responsible for any and all backups and data safety. Outsource IT does not assume any liability in any respect to backups and the data itself.

Can the client log into the unit to manage it?

Yes, via online portal.

Is BBA Backup safe?

The BBA utilizes an aggressive combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption. The United States government recently approved 192-bit AES encryption as the preferred method for protecting top secret information. The BBA starts with the even more secure 256-bit AES encryption level. Your data is secured by this aggressive encryption methodology both while being transferred offsite and during its storage.

Are there any costs to recover data?

There are no costs for the client to recover data from the device or from cloud storage. If Outsource IT is required to perform or assist with recoveries it would follow our standard billing policy.

Does Outsource IT assist with replacement?

Yes. If a unit has a failure, we will assist any client to receive a replacement at no charge. If required by the client, re-installation onsite would be billable for non MSP clients.

How long does it take to get a new or replacement unit?

Typically 1-2 business days for delivery of a new or replacement unit. If you want data preloaded on a replacement unit, it can add an additional day or so, depending on the amount of data needed to be preloaded.

Can the unit be changed if needed?

A unit can be sized up or down as required, with a new 12 month term starting on the new unit’s invoicing date.

Is there any cost to changing a unit?

There is the standard shipping charge, plus the labour involved in deploying the new unit and migrating the backup setup over to the new unit. The migration time is estimated to be ~2 hours.

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