Is your law practice looking for better IT solutions and services?

Outsource IT has a history of supporting technology in the legal sector. With over 12 years of expertise supporting many diverse law offices and disciplines, we have you covered.

Practice Support

Our knowledgeable team of IT professionals becomes your virtual IT department. We’ve been there; and we have many years of hands-on experience with the day-to-day IT workings of legal offices and the unique challenges they face.

We work with and have experience supporting a variety of legal software vendors including:

  • LexisNexis PCLaw¬†– LexisNexis
  • ACL¬†(Automated Civil Litigation) –¬†Korbitec Inc.
  • The Conveyancer –¬†Do Process LP.
  • Teraview – Teranet
  • Primafact –¬†Sandcat Software Inc.
  • DivorceMate –¬†DivorceMate Software Inc.
  • Equitrac – Nuance Communications, Inc.

Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

Outsource IT supports and is a verified Technology Partner with the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. We help members with a wide range of tailored IT solutions.


We want you as a client. Let us help you find the right IT solutions for your own unique needs. Take the worry out of IT solutions, because at Outsource IT being exceptional is the expectation.