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Outsource IT gives back to the business community by way of pro bono seminars and team-building sessions in a variety of business community events. These sessions include technical trainings, business development seminars and general community efforts in a variety of locations.

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Outsource IT – Halton Tech For Teens on CHCH TV

Halton Tech for Teens is a wonderful start up organization that provides computers or laptops to kids in need. They take old computers, wipe them clean and upgrade the software when needed and then give them to teens for free. This organization started even before COVID hit but obviously with many kids at home and without a computer, the need is greater as a lot of the learning is now done virtually.

Outsource IT – Coffee Break – COVID-19 & The IT Industry

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Outsource IT published articles and other useful tools related to work-from-home solutions. We also hosted this webinar with guest speakers from Microsoft, HP Canada, Synnex Canada as well as one of our senior Solution Architects providing helpful insight on the status of the IT industry due to COVID-19, and guidance on how to work remotely in a secure and reliable fashion, as well as general Q&A.

Outsource IT Community Involvement – Food Bank

While attending an international IT conference, Outsource IT along with other Varnex members gave back to the local community by volunteering at a local food bank. Since that time, Outsource IT has been a regular participant in local food bank efforts through the Varnex community.

Outsource IT – Sales 101 Training

Outsource IT is regularly invited to present as a guest speaker to a wide variety of networking events, conferences and business development communities enhancing the skills of any sales individual by way of sharing what we have learned as a professional sales organization. Outsource IT performs these seminars to the community without charge. To schedule a guest speaker, contact us via the contact form.